Covid-19 Safe Plan

We have had strict hygiene practices in place for quite some time, some of the things we do are listed below. While we take all steps possible to reduce the risk of germs into our studio, we need your help too. We have listed some things you will be asked to do when working with us in our studio. 


Please do not attend an appointment with us if you have been unwell. Anyone displaying cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms will be unable to be in the Studio at any time. A person displaying any symptoms will be asked to leave the studio. We also have some rules around who can attend the photoshoot / appointment.

In the studio, only immediate family is permitted to enter eg for a newborn session only the father, mother, newborn and siblings are allowed. 

For a location session, the client may use their discretion to bring along whomever they like, keeping in mind the gathering regulations in place for that time.

Hand Hygiene

Please wash or sanitise your hands on arrival. Hand soap and a wash station is accessible at any time throughout your appointment with us in the studio. Hand sanitiser is also available. 

Mask Use

While it is mandatory to do so in, please ensure you are wearing a facial mask while at our Studio. We will allow the temporary removal of face masks while your picture is being taken, while we can maintain appropriate social distancing.

What we do

Cleanliness of Studio and Equipment

We will ensure that the studio located will be cleaned and maintained as follows:

  • All hard surfaces regularly touched by staff or clients will be wiped down with antibacterial spray and/or wipes after use.
  • All soft surfaces (such as couches and bed) regularly touched by staff or clients will be sprayed with antibacterial spray.
  • The floors will be vacuumed and mopped after every family has left the Studio.
  • All wraps and blankets used during a session will be thoroughly washed.
  • All props used during a photography session will be wiped with antibacterial spray.
  • All dresses and clothing worn by clients during a photography session will be washed and sanitised after use.
  • We will wipe down all camera equipment after every photography session.

Attendees at Studio

  • We will keep attendees in the Studio to a minimum by only allowing immediate family into the Studio.
  • Clients presenting with any cold or flu like symptoms may be refused service and may be asked to leave the Studio.
  • On their arrival, LLP will take the temperature of all people entering the studio. If a high temperature is recorded, that attendee will not be permitted into the studio.

Extra Measures

  • A HEPA grade air purifier will be used in the Studio during photography sessions.
  • We will wear a facial mask at the studio during photoshoots, gown fittings or while hair and makeup services are provided.
  • We will wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before touching a client including a newborn


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