Cake Smash With Eloise

We were absolutely thrilled to have Eloise and her parents visit our studio to celebrate her 1st birthday with a cake smash photoshoot. From the moment they walked in, it was evident that Eloise was not the least bit camera shy. Her face lit up with a huge grin, and her excitement was palpable as she met new people and explored her new surroundings.

We began the photoshoot with some simple portraits of Eloise, and her infectious smile and vibrant personality were impossible to ignore. Her sheer enthusiasm for the photography session was nothing short of delightful.

As we transitioned to the main event, the cake smash photoshoot, we unveiled Eloise’s safari-themed set. The backdrop was adorned with an array of colorful animal balloons, safari hats, and lush jungle plants. On the set itself, we placed some whimsical animal balloons to further enhance the safari atmosphere. Eloise was gently seated in the midst of this wild setting, and before her sat a leopard-print cake adorned with green fondant leaves. She examined the cake with great curiosity, delicately touching and inspecting the fondant leaves. After a little nudge from her ever-supportive parents, Eloise took her first tentative bite. It was a moment of sheer joy as she savored the cake’s sweetness.

Once Eloise had her initial taste, there was no turning back. She hungrily plucked leaf after leaf from the cake until they were all gone. Then came the introduction of a wooden spoon. It was intended for smashing the cake, but Eloise had her own ideas. She chose to use it for eating, and that was just as perfect. Her determination to enjoy her cake in her own way added an extra layer of charm to the photoshoot.

As we wrapped up the cake smash session, we prepared a warm, soapy bath complete with a friendly rubber duck. Eloise’s excitement knew no bounds. Her radiant smile was truly contagious as she reveled in the joy of splashing around and tasting the little rubber duckies.

We thoroughly enjoyed being part of Eloise’s first birthday celebration, capturing these precious moments through our photography. The sheer delight she exuded throughout the session was heartwarming. We eagerly look forward to the opportunity of meeting Eloise and her family again, to continue capturing more of these priceless moments. Happy 1st Birthday, Eloise!


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