Maternity Photography with Harmeet and Sukhjinder

It was a sunny day, the perfect backdrop for a memorable maternity photoshoot. Harmeet, her husband Sukhjinder, and their adorable daughter Grace embarked on a beautiful journey to celebrate the upcoming addition to their family. Our day started in the studio and ended in the serene fields of North Lakes, an open field adorned with long, fluffy grass. Here’s a glimpse into their enchanting maternity photography session.

Maternity Photography Brisbane
Maternity Photography Brisbane

Indoor Studio Session

We began the day in our white-walled studio. Harmeet looked radiant in her first outfit—a two-piece boho Estelle dress. The studio’s minimalist aesthetic provided a clean canvas, allowing Harmeet’s natural glow to shine through.

As a maternity photographer, it’s essential to create a comfortable environment where families can express their unique bonds. Harmeet and Sukhjinder’s love for each other and excitement for their new baby were palpable, and it was a joy to capture these emotions in their maternity photos.

Outdoor Session at North Lakes

Next, we headed to the picturesque North Lakes. The transition from the controlled studio environment to the open field was seamless. The sun was high, casting a warm, golden light over the fluffy grass. Harmeet changed into the red tulle Ariel dress, a vibrant choice that contrasted beautifully with the natural backdrop. This dress added a dramatic flair to their maternity photos, highlighting the joy and anticipation of welcoming their new baby.

The third outfit was a beige tulle robe, perfect for soft, ethereal shots. The gentle breeze added a dynamic element to the photos, creating a sense of movement and life. Grace, with her infectious smile, played in the grass, adding a touch of spontaneity and innocence to the session.

Maternity Photography Brisbane

As the sun began to set, Harmeet changed into her final outfit—the golden glitter dress. The setting sun cast a magical glow, making the dress sparkle and creating a dreamy atmosphere. This golden hour was ideal for capturing the love and joy radiating from the family. These moments are the essence of maternity photography, where the beauty of nature and the love of a family converge.


Harmeet’s maternity photoshoot was a blend of indoor sophistication and outdoor charm. Each location and outfit change added a unique element to the session, creating a diverse collection of maternity photos. As a maternity photographer, it’s incredibly rewarding to document these precious moments and provide families with lasting memories.

Thank you, Harmeet, Sukhjinder, and Grace, for letting us be a part of your journey. We look forward to capturing more milestones in the future.


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