Family and Cake Smash Photography with the Seelam Family

The Seelam family recently enjoyed a memorable experience with Lavender Lane Photography, opting for our premium package that blends family photography with a delightful cake smash session. This unique offering not only celebrates your child’s milestone first birthday but also ensures your family memories are beautifully captured.

Lyla’s first birthday bash was a boho-themed affair at our studio, complete with a cake smash that perfectly complemented the decor. Before diving into the cake, we captured some timeless family photos, ensuring every moment was preserved. And after the messy fun, Lyla enjoyed a relaxing bath with adorable rubber ducks—because every first birthday deserves a splash of joy!

Cake Smash Photoshoot

The celebration didn’t stop there. At Bribie Beach, under the golden hues of a sunset, we captured Mahia, Chandra, Rohan, and of course, the star of the day, Lyla, in heartwarming family portraits. These images not only showcase the love and joy within the Seelam family but also serve as cherished additions to their family photo album.

Choosing Lavender Lane Photography means choosing excellence in family photography and cake smash photography. Our dedicated team ensures every moment, from cake smash photos to family portraits, is captured with creativity and care. Whether in-studio or at one of our picturesque sunset locations, we’re committed to delivering images that tell your family’s unique story.

Capture your family’s milestones with us—because every family photo and cake smash photo deserves to be treasured forever.


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